Our History

Formed February 1981, Container Products Corporation (CPC) introduced the now industry wide standard B12 and B25 metal storage and shipping containers for the nuclear industry. The B12 and B25 containers revolutionized radioactive waste handling. Understanding the needs of the nuclear industry, CPC evolved into a worldwide leader in not only metal containers, but also further advanced its product offering to volume reduction systems (Compactors) soon followed by decontamination systems, sorting systems, glove booths, fume hoods, and other customer designed systems and equipment.

CPC’s engineering and Quality Assurance (QA) departments maintain strict compliance to current Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The CPC QA, Manufacturing and Engineering departments have been audited by the Department of Energy and Department of Defense along with the Canadian government and private companies. CPC keeps up with the ever-changing regulations for US and international shipments and performs periodic testing of its designs to ensure they are in compliance with the current regulations.

CPC designs, manufactures, and inspects to regulatory standards as required. Included are the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), International Air Transport Association (lATA), U.S. DOT and NRC. CPC maintains a drop test pad which was constructed to simulate the Hanford drop pad and meets 49 CFR 173.465 (c)(5) regulations.