D-500 Compactors

The D-500 Compactor crushes fully loaded drums.

Compaction Force:
Hydraulic Pump Motor H.P.:
Hydraulic System Pressure:
Compaction Cylinder Bore:
Operating Weight (Approx.):
Full Stroke Cycle Time:
60 H.P.
2,000 PSI
16″ BORE


  • Totally enclosed, negative pressure compaction chamber
  • Safety interlocked electrical/hydraulic system
  • Self contained nuclear grade air evacuation/filtration system
  • Air filtration monitoring system
  • Compact design – unitized construction
  • Urethane finish to provide years of dependable service
  • Compliance with requirements of NFPA and NEMA design and safety regulations
  • Self supporting system – no other components required for complete operation
  • Single point electrical service connections
  • Electrical gauge monitoring and interlocking alarms for hydraulic power unit
  • Drum ejection system
  • Fabricated under a quality assurance program in compliance with NQA-1
  • Full one year warranty
  • Comprehensive operations, maintenance, and safety manual provided
  • Easily incorporated into existing facilities systems
  • Liquid capture system


  • Field installation electrical requirements adapted to site sources
  • High efficiency gas absorber (HEGA)
  • Remote control console
  • Drum handling equipment and integrated systems