CPC is an NQA-1 2008/2009 Compliant Shop

QA Experience

CPC has consistently maintained high standards of quality in the manufacture of its containers and systems. The QA Department, with a PE on staff, maintains its independence from other departments in accomplishing its inspection and testing activities.

Inspection Criteria

The QA Department employs qualified inspectors trained in inspection of welds to AWS D1.1, D1.2, D1.3 and D1.6 criteria applicable to the design of CPC containers. CPC also utilizes independent AWS certified weld inspectors (CWI) and ASNT-TC 1A certified NDE inspectors when specified by customer purchase orders.

Testing Criteria/Methods

CPC’s test facilities include:

  • Drop Pad – that meets the criteria of 49CFR 173.465
  • Vibration Table
  • ISO Racking Test
  • Stacking Test Fixtures
  • Pneumatic and Hydrostatic Leak Testing

CPC conducts Type A testing to include all of the required tests for certification of containers to the DOT Specifications of 49CFR173.465 and IAEA TS-R-1 Sections 719-724.

  • Water Spray Test
  • Free Drop Test
  • Stacking Test
  • Penetration Test

CPC also conducts lift lug load tests with magnetic particle/liquid penetrate NDE inspection to assure adequacy of lifting attachments when requested by customer orders.

Certifications Of Compliance

CPC provides customers with certification of conformance/compliance to provide assurance that our products are designed, manufactured, and inspected to meet applicable sections of the Code of Federal Regulations for 10CFR Part 50 Appendix B (NRC) and 49CFR (DOT); and IAEA Safety Standard Series Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material Requirements no. TS-R-1 2009.

When required, we also provide certification that containers meet disposal site criteria of Savannah River Site and NNSS.