Our LSA containers remain the industry standard to which others merely copy. DOT/IAEA TYPE A, Type AF, IP-1, IP-2, IP-3 containers can be customized to match any requirement. Vibration, Leak, Drop, Compression, and Load testing are performed on site.

  • Standard containers (B-25, B-12, 6-Drum Over packs, SWB’s) or custom designed
  • Accept orders for single or multiple containers
  • Payloads to meet customer requirements
  • Several closures including bolted closure, t-bolt, simmon’s latches, and CPC’s patented “Seal Loc” closure system
  • Container options include drain plug, fork lift straps, locking hasps, d-rings for lifting lid or container, lifting lugs, 4-way risers, removable risers, slip or fixed handles for lifting lid
  • Containers designed to meet disposal site requirements for Savannah River, NNSS, WIPP, Hanford, etc.
  • Painted to customer requirements
Shielded Containers
Pressure Relief Valve (SRV) Containers
Stainless and Aluminum Specialty Containers